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1. Yuyu API & Event Monitor

  1. Clone the latest source code and put it on any directory you want. Here i assume you put it on /var

cd /var
git clone
cd yuyu
2. Create virtualenv (Need activated)

virtualenv env --python=python3.8
source env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
3. Update configuration file

cp yuyu/ yuyu/
vi yuyu/

Bellow for configuration :

YUYU_NOTIFICATION_URL = "rabbit://openstack:password@"
YUYU_NOTIFICATION_TOPICS = ["notifications"]


You can get YUYU_NOTIFICATION_URL from neutron.conf, bellow if using kolla-ansible deployment.

cat /etc/kolla/neutron-server/neutron.conf | grep transport_url
4. Run database migration

python migrate
5. Yuyu API installation
systemctl enable yuyu_api
systemctl start yuyu_api
systemctl status yuyu_api
6. Yuyu Event Monitor installation

systemctl enable yuyu_event_monitor
systemctl start yuyu_event_monitor
systemctl status yuyu_event_monitor
7. Crontab installation

crontab -e

Add on the end file bellow :

1 0 1 * * /var/yuyu/bin/
8. Disable virtualenv

Last step for Yuyu API is need disabled virtualenv.


2. Yuyu Dashboard

  1. Clone Repository

cd /var
git clone
cd yuyu_dashboard
2. Setup Yuyu dashboard


Enter horizon location and press ENTER.
example: /var/www/html/horizon
3. Install Yuyu Dashboard Depencencies

pip3 install -r requirements.txt
4. Add config settings on horizon

vi /var/www/html/horizon/openstack_dashboard/local/

For YUYU_URL you can use

5. Restart Horizon
systemctl restart apache2
6. Restart memcached (If dashboard login view not proper)
systemctl restart memcached

Verify Installation

Access Dashboard, make sure Billing tab available in the navigation pane dashboard, next step need enabled billing & create pricing.